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Tony Manuel was, and still remains, the heart and soul of the Murphys Motorcycle Company. Born in Calaveras County in 1964, Tony always had a special love and affinity towards his hometown of Murphys. Spending endless summers riding his bike along Main Street, camping up at Big Trees with his family, going barefoot water-skiing at Melones with friends. These were memories that Tony always held dear, and memories that he wanted to share with those he loved.

At an early age Tony discovered his love for the motorcycle and became fascinated by the mechanics and artistry behind these beautiful machines. As he grew, Tony became an excellent craftsmen and builder, and eventually settled in Clovis, CA where he worked for his friend Danny Gray helping to design and build custom motorcycle seats. For 10 years Tony honed his craft, and soon he had established a reputation for excellence and quality in all of the work he produced. While in Clovis Tony met the love of his life, Teri Thieme, and immediately began to share with her his passion for the open road, the V-Twin engine, and his hometown of Murphys.

Tony and Teri began to dream about the day when they could both move to Murphys and make a living doing what they loved most. In May 2005 their dream became a reality, and shortly after their move Tony started his own custom motorcycle seat business in downtown Murphys called Main Street Customs. Tony took all of the skills that he had learned over the years and along with his own creative eye became a perfectionist when it came to designing and building for many prominent bike builders. Some of his custom seats can be found on bikes belonging to people as famous as Keith Urban, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry.

In August 2006 Tony, his good friend John Harris, and Teri opened the Murphys Motorcycle Company. Tony saw it as the perfect venue to showcase custom bikes that he and John had built and offer motorcycling enthusiasts cool, vintage merchandise that reflected his hometown roots. Tragically, Tony passed away just 6 months after the grand opening of the store in a tractor accident at his home. However, his vision and passion for the business he left behind has continued through the efforts of his beloved wife and dear friend. Although Tony is no longer a physical part of the Murphys Motorcycle Company, his memory and efforts live on with the continued success of the business  – a testament to a life that was well lived and certainly well loved.